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Equipment Leasing

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  • AQUIRE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Leasing allows you to buy the latest technology, today, and at the end of the lease, either upgrade or buy the equipment already in use for a nominal amount.

  • MINIMISE YOUR TAX BILL – Each repayment is a “lease rental” and as such, you are allowed to write off each “rental” as a business expense – therefore reducing the tax you pay on your profits. Buying your equipment outright means you can only “write off” a percentage of the total cost – meaning that you could pay more tax than if you had leased!

  • MOST ASSETS DEPRECIATE – A wise man once said “If it appreciates in value – buy it. If it depreciates in value – finance it”. Why would you want to tie up valuable funds in assets that are depreciating? Most businesses no longer buy company cars - so why would you buy IT Hardware or Office Equipment? – It makes more commercial sense to Lease!

  • FIXED BUDGETING – You will know how much that piece of equipment will cost you every month for the term of the lease – maintenance can even be packaged as part of the lease!

  • REDUCE FINANCIAL EXPOSURE TO YOUR BANK – This line of credit is separate from that of other commercial lending lines. Put simply, this won’t affect your ability to borrow from your bank. This leaves valuable banking lines for unforeseen expenses or harder times – i.e. for when you really need them.

  • OFF BALANCE SHEET FINANCE - Leasing is known as “off-book” accounting as your company doesn’t own the asset. Therefore with leasing, the asset won’t be sat on your books depreciating – The “lease rental” payments are written on your P & L but don’t adversely affect your balance sheet.

  • REDUCE CASHFLOW STRAIN – Especially important for newer businesses. With leasing, you only have to pay one payment in advance and can then rely on a FIXED payment – rather than having to fork out the entire amount in advance.

Leasing supplied by Portman Assest Finance Ltd

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