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Choosing Your Kit - Explained

We have nine windscreen repair kits to choose from:

Making your decision on the correct type of windscreen repair kit which is right for you and your circumstances. From single use DIY windscreen repair kits at £19.95, Budget Fleet Windscreen Repair kits at £225.00, the Eclipse with LED Curing at £895 or the MAXIM Glass Technology Professional Technician Quality with LED Curing at £1795.00.

Here are the basic principals to help you make your choice.

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These screw injectors as pictured are amongst the longest established methods of repairing windscreens. The resin is injected directly into the damage through the injector body before extracting air out of the damage. Manipulating and manually operating the screw injector for around 20  minutes will provide long lasting repairs if used in conjunction with our range of British Standard windscreen repair resins.


We supply two kits of this type the "Budget Fleet Windscreen Repair Kit £225.00 and the ECLIPSE Windscreen Repair Kit at £875.00



PRISM DRY VACUUM technology designed with the professional windscreen repair technician in mind. Utilizing the newest dry vacuum PRISM technology capability, the patented Maxim and Spectrum systems will generate a consistently clear repair in half the time of non-machine units. This range of the latest technology from Glass Technology extracts the air before resin is introduced. Subsequently the resin flows quicker and easier with improved visual performance in half the time of conventional kits. The normal repair time with these kits is between 10 and 15 minutes.







Spectrum Starter, Spectrum, Spectrum Plus 1, Spectrum Plus 2, MAXIM, and MAXIM PLUS. All of the "Plus" range of kits have been upgraded to include Blue Wave LED curing at the discounted rate. See the windscreen repair kits category on our homepage.We supply all these PRISM Dry Vacum Winsdcreen Repair Kits in many variations.


If you still can't decide, we are happy to help you make the choice that suits your needs:

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