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What you need to know

Windscreens are being used to support new advanced driver safety technologies accounting for 36% of a vehicle shell’s overall strength. They are designed for optimum safety should an accident happen

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This can include everything from lane departure and automated braking. Such technologies usually rely upon sensors and cameras mounted on a vehicle’s windscreen.

Drivers really only need to be concerned about ADAS if they need a windscreen replacement, not a chip repair. When a new windscreen is fitted, the cameras and sensors could be left misaligned during the fitting of the glass.

Just a millimetre change in glass positioning can have a huge impact on how the technology works in a crash. It is so important that a vehicle is recalibrated once a new windscreen has been fitted. It ensures the safety of any vehicle by making sure all the technologies are working correctly, as they did when they left the assembly line.

Windscreen replacement companies either recalibrate the vehicle themselves having invested in calibration equipment or use the services of the main dealer who will carry out the recalibration on behalf of the windscreen company.

What impact does this have on windscreen repair?

With ADAS being such a crucial safety feature of a vehicles safety a windscreen replacement should always be a last resort. Windscreen repairs which could be deemed as unrepairable or unsuccessful with certain windscreen repair kits and resins could be repaired with better, higher quality repair products.

Quite simply, by using high quality stainless steel injectors which do not leak, vacuum and pressure systems and variation of resins to match the resin viscosity to the type of damage you are trying to repair successful outcomes of repairs could be vastly increased.

One type of resin does not suit every type of damage trying to be repaired and could lead to repairs being unsuccessfully repaired and result in an unnecessary windscreen replacement.

Lots of talk and investment with ADAS, replacements, recalibration, safety, technology, new drive away times and very little effort in how to avoid ADAS disturbance. By looking at and exploring improved repair outcomes, insurance companies should recognise and pay a repair premium for those companies that have better repair ratios by using premium and up to date and newer repair technology.